Corporate identity

 We are building our brand identity based on consumer protection. 


‘BUBO’ is named after the scientific name of Eurasian eagle-owl ‘Budo budo’. The properties of its physical body which is advantageous for nighttime activities are adopted in creating a corporate identity for the manufacture of safety products.

- Domestic trademarks obtained

- International trademarks (USA, Japan, etc.) acquired  


The clear corporate identity was designed by adding the company name to the design created with the shapes of the ears and eyes of Eurasian eagle-owl which can see and hear things in the distance.

- SYMBOL TYPE: Applicable to vertical layout and small prints only

- LOGO TYPE: Applicable to central/exclusive layout only


The slogan includes responsibility that we would protect our customers from risks with the products we have manufactured, focusing on safety.

- Applying and filing for a trademark (Jan. 2021)

- The slogan currently available in English version only